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Questions You Can Ask Our Team!

Do you have any concrete projects in mind? Would you like to start but have no idea how? If that is the situation you are in, you don’t have to feel uneasy and go crazy about it because you can always turn to a reliable concrete contractor like Prestige Innovation Concrete Work LLC. We are in Bennett, CO and can help you manage everything and turn your visions into reality. However, almost all of you are skeptical about us. That is why we generated this FAQ section. Check this piece to learn more about our team and services.

Why should we work with your company?

Do you have any concrete projects, like concrete driveway installation or repair? If you have, yet you are unfamiliar with the process, you better stay back and hire us instead. We are trusted contractors and have enough experience and skills to handle any concrete tasks you may have. Don’t worry! We have a complete set of equipment and other supplies. So you can guarantee that our concrete masters can help you address everything. What are you waiting for? Turn to our team today!

Do you know anything about concrete? Can we trust you?

Yes, we do. We are concrete experts and can provide quality concrete construction or repair services. That is because we have ten years of experience in the field. So you can rest assured our company is the perfect company for you.

Do you work alone? Or do you have professional contractors with you?

We work with our team of expert concrete service providers who are here to help you address all your concrete needs.

What concrete-related assistance or services can we get or expect from your company?

As a responsible company, we deliver or provide various services you might need for your future projects. All of these services come with numerous benefits. Here are the following:

  • Driveway Construction
  • Barn Slabs
  • Concrete Installation
  • Sidewalks and Steps Construction
  • Caisson Construction
  • Footing Construction
  • Monolithic Slabs
  • Concrete Firepit Construction
  • Stamped Concrete
  • Colored Concrete
  • Textured Concrete
  • Concrete Demolition
  • Concrete Repair and Sealing

All of these are obtainable and helpful. If you have any questions or suggestions, contact our team immediately.

Are your services exclusive to commercial clients?

No. Our company doesn’t even offer services for commercial clients. We only have services that can help our residential clients since we only focus on them.

Do you have appropriate or legal papers like insurance and a license?

Yes, we do. We have the license, which we can email a copy to you. We also have liability insurance and a one-year warranty with free repair. So you can rest assured we are a great help to you.

Do you give discounts and free estimates to your clients?

Yes, we provide 5% off for cash basis payments and free estimates.

What time are you available?

You can avail of our services every day. However, time may vary. We are open Monday to Friday from 7 AM to 7 PM and Saturday and Sunday from 9 AM to 2 PM.

Do you offer emergency services?

Nope. We don’t have any emergency services available at the moment.

How can we pay for your services?

You can pay for our assistance and services using cash, checks, and all major credit cards.

We always hope that this article will help you learn more about our company and we can gain your trust. If you want to acquire a quality yet affordable concrete repair service in Bennett, CO, Prestige Innovation Concrete Work LLC is the company you can rely on. For inquiries and bookings, contact our team at (720) 606-7451 today! We will be happy to serve you and give you everything you need and want. So what are you waiting for? Turn to our team today!